Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Australian Handmade Magazine Volume 10, Issues 3, 4 and 5 - Amish Dolls and Woodland Dress-Ups for Kids

Handmade Magazine Vol 10 No 5
Sometimes magazine issues are jammed with things that you have to make and at other times they are a little bear of inspiration for you at the time you read them.  Tis is what has happened to me with numbers 42 to 44 of Australian Handmade Magazine (Volume 10 numbers 3,4 and 5).

Handmade Magazine Vol 10 No 3

Bird craft from Handmade Magazine Vol 10 No 3

Number 42 I found personally a little dull for inspiration.  The article that took my fancy the most was a lovely bird hanging craft and there are a couple of other interesting bird themed projects in this issue.

Handmade Magazine Vol 10 No 4

Decoupage ideas from Handmade Magazine 10/04
Issue Vol 10 No 4 though I much more exciting. I loved the animal themed woolen rugs and the decoupaging with photocopies is something I've always wanted to try. There are some cut outfits for cows too!
Handmade Magazine 10/04 - Animal Rugs

Cow crafts in Handmade Magazine 10/04
Australian Handmade Magazine Volume 10 Number 5 (number 44) has got to be a contender for both the cutest cover ever and for the number of wonderful things I want to try.  There are Amish Dolls - I'm sure this was a favourite project at the time, some adorable kids dress-ups in a woodland theme and a lovely looking apron linen dress that stands the test of time.

Amish Doll in Handmade Magazine 10/05

Apron Dress in Handmade Magazine 10/05
Kids Dress-Ups in Handmade Magazine 10/05

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Handmade Australia Magazines Summer 1993 (Vol 9 Issue 4) to Mar/Apr 1994 (Vol 10, No 2) - Return of the Top 20 Kids Knits and Dinosaur Makes

Handmade Australia Magazine no's 39, 40 and 41 (issues 09/04, 10/01 and 10/02) are packed full of great makes even today.
Handmade Magazine 41 (10/02)

 There is the return of the popular Top 20 kids knits in issue 10/02.  The Mr Men one is my favourite but they are all so clever. There is also some lovely Regency inspired clothing for women to make, plus the cleverest patchwork egg decoration. I have wanted to try this one for quite a while.

Handmade Magazine 41 (10/02) Top 20 Jumpers

Handmade Magazine 41 (10/02) more Top 20 Jumpers
Handmade Magazine 41 (10/02) Patchwork eggs
Handmade Magazine 41 (10/02) Regency clothes to make

Handmade Magazine no 39 (09/04) Flying Dinosaurs
There is also a really clever dinosaur themed group of makes in 09/04.  I love the Pterandon and the Stegasaurus has really great spines. I've also previously made the Mini Christmas Puddings recipe featured on page 52.  They are easy and really yummy but don't misread the recipe like I did and add 1/2 cup of rum instead of a couple of tablespoons!
This issue also sees the return of the wonderful mice soft toys this time with a Christmas theme. There is even a Queen Victoria mouse.

Handmade 09/04

Handmade 09/04 Mini Xmas Puddings

Handmade 09/04 Christmas Mouse Soft Toys

Handmade no 40 (10/01) is the summer special with some nice activities for holidays for kids but my favourite is the cubby house built out of recycled milk cartons. I have always been fascinated by shells and the shell embroidery is a very nice make.

Handmade Magazine 10/01
Handmade Magazine 10/01 Milk Carton Cubby

Handmade Magazine 10/01 Red and White Kids Clothes in Gingham

Handmade Magazine 10/01 Shell Embroidery

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Handmade Australia Magazine No 36 to 38 - Sashiko and a school Fete Special

Handmade Magazine 36 (9/01)
Handmade numbers 36 to 38 (issues 19/01 to 19/03) have some really interesting projects inside.  Handmade 19/01 is the first issue to totally lose the person cover as the main feature and instead focus on the craft content.  Additionally, the content of the magazine contains less fashion sewing and much more craft - a shift to where Handmade is famous for.
Handmade Magazine 38 (9/03)
 Handmade 36 is the first country style issue and I think is a for-runner for Country Threads magazine that appears a few years later when Handmade moves to Express Publications.
Handmade Magazine 37 Sashiko Special2

Handmade Magazine 37 Sashiko Special 1
Handmade 37 from Winter 1993 contains a special on Sashiko, one of my personal favourite crafts - the timeless Japanese country craft of running stitch patterns.  It also contains lovely Peruvian style kids fashions to sew and knit. I also love the tassel making how-to.

Handmade Magazine 37 (9/02)
Handmade Australia 19/03 is a great fete special with pages full of really good makes that are great even today. This issue is a real find for serious community craft makers.

Cape from Handmade 37

Tassel Making in Handmade 37

Fete special from Handmade Magazine 38 p1

Fete special from Handmade Magazine 38 p2

Fete special from Handmade Magazine 38 p3

Saturday, June 18, 2016

HandMade Australia Magazine Numbers 32 to 35 (issues Autumn 1992 to Summer 1992) - THE BEST CLOWN TOY EVER

 Handmade Australia Magazine from 1992 was full to the brim of great family crafts. There was a bit of sewing and knits (of course), but the some of the fashion sewing was designed to be more casual and accessible to the family, and there were some amazing knits.  The issue from Autumn 1992 includes a really good kids novelty knits special and is a must for knitters because it also has an Anny Blatt designer knit pattern.
Handmade Magazine No 32
Top 20 kids knits Handmade Magazine no 32

 The clown active play toys in this issue are also really clever. They are good for teaching skills and learning as well as play.
Clown from Handmade Magazine no 32
Anny Blatt knit pattern Handmade Magazine no 32

Handmade Magazine no 33 includes some useful crafter things like a framing how-to and a really basic starter on quilting.
Handmade Magazine No 33

Framing from Handmade Magazine 33
In Handmade Magazine no 34 from Spring 1992 is all about weddings.  Its got lots of things for the DIY wedding.  I really like the wedding mice craft.  They are just lovely and I am going to make some myself. 
Handmade Magazine No 34
Mice craft from Handmade Magazine 34
 Handmade Australia No 35 is interesting because it is the first issue I can find that adds a volume and folio number (08/04).  It is not clear how this number was calculated because I have counted issues back and I reckon there is a whole year missing in the volumes count. Perhaps if someone can work it out and let me know, I would be grateful.
Handmade Magazine No 35
Issue 08/04 includes a classic Anne of Green Gables style doll pattern plus clothes with lots of how-to steps. This issue is a must for the cloth doll maker. There is also a rather nice simple sun-dress with a step-by-step for the novice sewer.
Sun-dress from Handmade magazine no 35
Dolls and clothes from Handmade Magazine no 35

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Handmade Australia Magazine No.'s 26 to 31 - So Much Good Stuff and The Issue with Barbie Clothes Patterns

Fruit felt brooches in Handmade 26
 As my review of the content in my collection of Handmade Magazines I am having a hard time choosing just a few of my favourite things to highlight in the issues. I have managed to whittle it down to a group of wonderful toys, some very cute kids items, and one really fun mint bolero.

Mint Bolero in Handmade 27
Embroidered Soft Toys in Handmade 29

Bright kids clothes in Handmade 28

Handmade 26 to 31 is less and less women's clothes and fashion and more whole family crafts. The how-to's are quite detailed and varied with my grandmother making raffia hats based on the no. 27 content that have lasted to today.

Handmade Australia Magazine 27
Only 1 of the 6 magazines in this group features an adult woman.  The covers have kids and craft and close-ups of knitting and papercraft as backgrounds.

Handmade Australia Magazine 29
Number 31 includes a load of doll clothing patterns including Barbie clothes and so is a very popular issue.

Doll clothes in Handmade 31 
Doll Clothes from Handmade 31

Vintage Toys in Handmade 27

Window friendly toys in Handmade 28

Mirror sequin rucksack in Handmade 28

Peg dolls in Handmade 28
Road signs Quilt in Handmade 29

Shoes from Handmade 30

Budgies from Handmade 31

Handmade Australia Magazine 26

Handmade Australia Magazine 28

Handmade Australia Magazine 30

Handmade Australia Magazine 31